New Single-Chip Profinet interface reduces development efforts up to 70%.


HMS Industrial Networks has extended its Anybus-IC family with the addition of the Anybus-IC for Profinet IO. The new module is a tiny but powerful embedded single-chip Profinet IO interface, which is certified by the Profibus user organization. It is the latest member of HMS´s Anybus-IC family which already includes interchangeable solutions for Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus-TCP. In a single housing of only 9cm2 in size, the Anybus-IC contains a powerful microprocessor with integrated fast Ethernet controller and a full featured Profinet IO device software stack. The new IC reduces the development efforts needed to design a Profinet IO interface by up to 70%. Additionally, space and power supply requirements are minimized so that even small automation devices such as barcode readers or motor starters can be economically equipped with a Profinet IO interface. The Anybus-IC has a 32-pin dual in line housing and requires only a single 5 Volt power supply. It functions as a standard IO device and supports Profinet conformance class A. Up to 144 bytes of input data and 144 bytes of output data are permitted. The Anybus-IC contains all hardware and software necessary for any automation device to communicate over a Profinet network, only the PHY and the RJ45 Ethernet connector has to be added. When used in intelligent devices that have their own micro-controller, the Anybus-IC is connected via a fast serial TTL interface. The IC handles the entire Profinet IO protocol and offloads the microprocessor from all time-critical communication tasks. In applications with devices without a processor, such as valve terminals, the Anybus-IC has a shift register interface and can control up to 128 direct inputs and outputs. All members of the Anybus-IC family are interchangeable and offer device manufacturers a simple and efficient way to connect small and medium automation devices to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks with just one development. Max. 512 bytes of Input data and 512 bytes of Output data Supports Siemens serial USS protocol via RS485 Selectable serial Baudrates between 9,6 kbit/s and 38,4kbit/s Multi-drop up to 31 nodes on USS side Profinet-IO device with Real Time functions USS configuration via GSD file in Siemens Step7 configuration tool
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