New Single Point Ground Welder


Sonobond Ultrasonics announced today that it has developed a new ultrasonic spot welder for use in manufacturing single point ground terminals.  These terminals play an important role in eliminating the electrical noise produced by the growing number of electronic components in automobiles and the increasing complexity of their circuits.   Sonobond’s Single Point Ground Welder SPG 2600 is similar in appearance to the company’s popular SonoWeld® 1600 Digital Metal Spot Welder.  However, the new unit’s tooling is designed specifically for gathering as many as 18 wires into a single terminal.  Once the weld has been made, a set of clamps automatically completes the assembly by folding over the  terminal’s arms to provide stress relief on the joint.  The unit can confidently handle wire bundles of up to 20 square millimeters.     
The unit’s power supply features a built-in microprocessor that can store and recall up to 250 weld protocols from memory.  A digital display allows selection of welding modes by time or energy and provides automatic frequency control and overload protection.  The Single Point Ground Welder has an RS232 port for transferring weld data to or from a computer.   It also utilizes automatic control monitoring that can detect when variables exceed preset power and time limits.
Like all Sonobond metal welders, the unit features heat-treated, tool steel Taper Lock Tips.  These can last for up to 100,000 welds and are designed for fast, convenient removal and replacement.  The Single Point Ground Welder, like other Sonobond equipment, can be operated easily with minimal training.   


  • handle wire bundles of up to 20 square millimeters
  • RS232 port
  • heat-treated, tool steel Taper Lock Tips
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