New Size 40 PSK Precision Modules


CHARLOTTE, NC – Bosch Rexroth has extended its line of PSK Precision Modules to include the PSK 40, now the smallest size in its product line. The new size PSK brings high-precision solutions to medical, semiconductor, and small machining applications, where high stiffness and rapid cycle times are required.

The PSK 40 module provides industry-leading speed and length capabilities in this size range. Maximum speed is 375 mm/s – almost twice the speed of competitors’ offerings – allowing faster cycle times and higher throughput. Maximum length for the PSK 40 is 350mm, whereas competing modules are available only up to 200mm. The extended length capability of the PSK 40 reduces the need to use a larger module for longer stroke requirements, saving the user space and cost.

The PSK 40 module is 40mm wide x 20mm high and incorporates a 6mm diameter ball screw with the option for 1mm or 2mm lead. The ball screw is manufactured to tolerance class 7 with a preloaded ball nut for high positioning accuracy and stiffness.

The ball tracks for the linear guide system are machined into the precision steel base, which includes a machined reference edge. The steel base also provides high rigidity, making the PSK 40 well-suited for small, multi-axis systems.

Accessories include a protective cable duct for mounting switches and routing switch wires, as well as integrated motor mounts for Nema 14 and Nema 17 motors. Single-point lubrication of both the guideway and the ball screw provides simple maintenance.

With the introduction of the PSK 40, the family of PSK modules now ranges from 40mm to 90mm, further expanding Rexroth’s overall offering of industry-leading modules.
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