New Sizes of Silver Matte Tapes


K-Sun Corporation has added three (3) new sizes of Black on Silver Matte to its LABELShop® line of thermal-transfer adhesive labeling tapes.  New K-Sun LABELShop® Black on Silver Matte tapes include  3/8” (9mm), ½” (12mm) and 1” (24mm) in addition to the existing ¾” (18mm) Silver Matte tape.
Black on Silver Matte is designed for permanent positioning on a variety of surfaces and materials. It is used many fields and industries, including security/IT, asset management and inventory for warehouses, plants, libraries, labs, data centers, offices and other facilities. It is the optimal choice to use with bar-code reader.
The tapes are made of a durable, all-weather polyester base with an industrial-grade acrylic adhesive that withstands extreme temperatures, abrasion and pressure. Tapes are UV-, scratch-, fade-, chemical- and smear-resistant and comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-606A standards. Flexibility allows the tapes to be mounted on curved surfaces. Tapes tests have yielded a five- to seven-year outdoor life, and tapes can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures. LABELShop® cartridges are recyclable.
The new tapes are used with K-Sun LABELShop® thermal transfer printers, including the new Green Machine®, an eco-friendly and technologically advanced thermal transfer heat-shrink tube, bar-code, and adhesive label printer that is both portable and PC-compatible. 
K-Sun LABELShop® printers use thermal transfer technology for sharp lettering to ensure clear communication, efficiency and organization in the laboratory and warehouse, enhancing safety and saving time. K-Sun’s exclusive PeelGuard® system, available in select K-Sun printers, rounds label corners to prevent corner peeling.
“The visibility and bar code readability of the silver matte tape is very useful in numerous industries such as in medical labeling, security applications and asset management,” says Mike Kasun, president of K-Sun Corp. “Our K-Sun LABELShop® cartridges are recyclable and halogen-free, too. So professionals who want to go ‘green’ can do so with our tapes.”


  • all-weather polyester base
  • industrial-grade acrylic adhesive
  • withstands extreme temperatures, abrasion and pressure
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