New Skorpion Air Heater is both Hot and Smart


North American technology leader OSRAM SYLVANIA introduces the new SKORPION™ Process Air Heater, representing the perfect combination of power, size, reliability and control in Air Heating technology. An integrated system with digital display temperature control, the SKORPION is used for heating process air up to 1400°F (760°C). The SKORPION features SYLVANIA’s unique, long life Serpentine coil design for maximum heat transfer efficiency. An intelligent over-temperature sensing system prevents premature failure and ensures high performance and long-term durability. The unit is equipped with a long-life blower motor and large air intake, which eliminates clogging and prevents premature failures “The SKORPION incorporates the traditional SYLVANIA features of durability, reliability and precise control, but adds the convenience of a complete turnkey system with a fully integrated heater, air source and temperature controller”, Gary Muzzey, engineering manager for Heating Products, OSRAM SYLVANIA, said. “While the unit is completely self-contained, all major components, including heating elements, blower and electronic controls, are replaceable for ease of maintenance.” Whether being used for drying, curing, melting, shrinking or sealing, the SKORPION provides full closed-loop PID temperature regulation up to 1400°F (760°C) with +/- 2° accuracy. In addition, the SKORPION’s all-metal air source is powerful and robust, ensuring reliable operation in dusty environments, with an adjustable air damper for flow control. Two flares and a nozzle are offered as accessories to the SKORPION heater.
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