New Spectrum® 1251 plasma cutter


Designed for hand-held and automated cutting in the heavy fabrication, manufacturing, demolition and maintenance industries, the new Spectrum 1251 air plasma cutting and gouging system from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has a 100-amp output, can sever 1.75-in. steel and has a rated cutting capacity of 1.25 in. Rated cutting capacity is the speed at which an operator achieves a smooth, steady cut at 10 inches per minute (IPM) using a hand-held torch. It is Miller’s most powerful plasma unit.

On thinner material, cutting speed increases. The Spectrum 1251 cuts 3/4-in. steel at 25 IPM, 5/8-in. steel at 40 IPM and 1/4-in. steel at almost 140 IPM. It also cuts stainless, aluminum, copper and any metal that conducts electricity. In many applications, the plasma process can improve productivity and cut quality compared to oxy-fuel cutting or sawing.

“With the introduction of the Spectrum 1251, Miller now provides a complete family of inverter-based plasma products for applications requiring 100 amps or less of cutting power,” says Steve Hidden, Miller product manager.

In addition to cutting, the Spectrum 1251 provides superior gouging capabilities--such as for removing old welds and preparing joints--because it produces an extremely long gouging arc for hard-to-reach, heavy applications. Plasma arc gouging produces less dust, smoke and other harmful environmental hazards compared to carbon arc gouging.

Improved Cutting Productivity

The Spectrum 1251 replaces the Spectrum 1250. The new model offers a compact, lightweight design--97 lbs. vs. 416 lbs.--and increased location flexibility with Auto-Line™ power management technology. Auto-Line enables simple, direct connection to any 50 or 60 HZ, single- or three-phase primary power level from 190 to 630 VAC, enabling the Spectrum 1251 to operate in any work situation anywhere in the world.

Auto-Line also adjusts for spikes or losses in input voltage levels while maintaining a constant cutting arc with very little or no cutting capacity loss. In addition, LVC™ (line voltage compensation) provides peak performance power under variable input voltage conditions for steady cuts and cleaner ending cuts.

Other new features include Auto-Refire™ Technology, which automatically controls the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple pieces of metal, saving on costs by preserving consumables. Auto-Refire switches the pilot arc (to initiate the cutter arc) on or off as fast as necessary, and it automatically provides maximum power for cutting thicker or hardened metals. The automatic re-triggering action reduces user hand fatigue, increasing operator comfort.

A patented Ultra-Quick Connect™ torch allows for the fastest plasma torch connection and removal in the industry. The ICE-80T torch (25- or 50-ft. cable options) includes a drag shield that attaches to the cup and holds the tip 1-1/8 in. off the work piece, permitting the operator to drag the torch on the work piece while cutting at full output. This dragging motion increases operator comfort and makes template cutting easier.

Better Reliability

The Spectrum 1251 is equipped with two exclusive Miller features--Wind Tunnel Technology™ and Fan-on-Demand™ --which increase productivity by reducing maintenance and downtime.

Wind Tunnel Technology allows airborne contaminants to flow through a center channel instead of through the unit’s internal components preventing damage from abrasive dust and particles. The Fan-On-Demand cooling system only operates when needed. In dirty or dusty environments, this feature reduces the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine, keeping internal components cleaner and reducing the need for maintenance. It also lowers energy costs.
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