NEW Spill Preparedness Control Center


Introducing the NEW Spill Preparedness Control Center! Color-coded labels enable you to quickly identify which Spill Pac to use for a spill or leak. Each Pac comes with a highly visible 2" x 4" color-coded label you can place on machinery or equipment for which you need a specific spill control product. For example, you may need a Battery Acid Pac for your forklift. You place a magenta-colored, Battery Acid label on the outside of the battery compartment of your forklift. Then if there is a spill or leak, grab the matching magenta-colored Pac.

Each Spill Pac contains spills up to ten gallons and prevents larger spills from spreading. They are vacuum-packed in a tough, foil-laminated bag so they're tamper-evident and guaranteed ready to use on any spill. The 18" x 18" x 3" deep size allows it to be stored in places where other spill kits won't fit. These Pacs are ideal for cleaning up chemical/hazmat leaks and spills, battery acid and other caustic liquids, oil and oil-based fluids or even plain old water. We can also customize your Pac to fit your needs; including PPE suits, extra gloves, goggles or almost anything else you want or need in your Spill Pac - and that's a fact! These portable Pacs are designed hang on a wall-mounted Pac Rac™ for placing your Spill Pacs in the location you need them the most.


• Absorbent Capacity: Up to 10 gallons or contain a larger spill • Contents: 20 - 15” x 19” Oil-Selective Pads 3 - 3” x 48” General Purpose Sorb-Sox™ (12 ft) 1 - Pair nitrile gloves 1 - XL Disposal bag (38” x 56” x 5 mil.) 1 - Nylon tie 1- Attached equipment Label • Qty per Carton: 4 pacs • Size: 18” L x 18” W x 3” Thick
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