New SprayCheck™ TW Monitors Tank Cleaning Operations from Outside the Tank


A new monitoring device to verify and validate the operation of tank cleaning systems has been introduced by Spraying Systems Co. SprayCheck™ TW is the first monitoring device to work from the exterior and to require no modification of the tank. It provides highly sensitive monitoring and complete reporting on tank washing nozzle performance.

The heart of SprayCheck TW monitoring device is an acoustic sensor linked to diagnostic software. The user simply glues or welds the monitoring device to the outside of the tank and wires it to a computer. Once a baseline reading of a cleaning cycle is taken, the system “listens” for any unacceptable variations from the baseline. Its diagnostic tools quickly reveal changes in rotation speed and frequency, spray loss, nozzle clogging and pressure variation. This facilitates troubleshooting and problem solving.

SprayCheck TW is easy to install since its non-intrusive acoustic sensor mounts on the tank exterior. It is the only system that can be used with pressurized and non-pressurized tanks of all sizes and configurations. Other types of monitoring systems can actually interfere with the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle, and none are currently effective with pressurized tanks.

SprayCheck TW enhances productivity because it eliminates the need for post-cleaning tests or visual inspection of cleaning nozzles. Audible and visual alarms notify operators as soon as corrective action is needed, helping them maintain uptime. Its reporting tools provide detailed documentation of cleaning operations for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other processors who must stay in compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

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