New Switch Locking Devices Provide Alternate Control Method During Maintenance Tasks


Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces SLD series switch locking devices. The SLD Series enables personnel to quickly lock a safety interlock switch to a safe position allowing for certain types of maintenance. The SLD series is intended for use as an alternative control method while performing tasks that are routine, repetitive or integral to the production process as provided for by standard ANSI/ASSE Z244.1-2003 section 5.4.

The robust design and construction of the SLD switch locking device blocks all access points to the actuation mechanism of the safety interlock switch. The SLD series is designed to accept locks with standard shackle diameters of 5/16” or 7mm. The SLD series is compatible with Omron STI’s T2008, T2011, T4011, T4012, T4016, T5007, T5009, TL4019, TL4024 and TL8012-S safety interlock switches.
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