New synthetic optical fiber sensor for liquid-level detection


New Contrinex Series 1010 synthetic optical fiber sensor provides contact level detection in all liquids (with the exception of white milky liquids.) And, because it is a fiber, it is intrinsically safe up to the amplifier. It features an AISI 303 stainless-steel housing, a scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean glass prism, and fully potted optical parts making it impervious to most harsh liquids (degree of protection: IP 68.) The Series 1010 uses two individual fibers with an outside diameter 2.2 mm and a fine inner fiber of Ø 0.5 mm for exceptionally high resolution. The standard 2m cable can be cut to length, allowing neater installations and preventing excess cable from interfering with or being damaged by moving parts. It has an ambient temperature range of -25 ... +70 °C (-13 ... +158 °F). Its fiber bending radius is 25 mm, fiber material is PMMA, and sleeve material is PE.
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