New System Puts Efficient Zoneless Picking within Reach


IPTI, Inc., one the industry’s leading innovators in pick to light technology, breaks picking free of the zone for greater efficiency by introducing its new Pick-MAX™ system.

This is the first pick to light system capable of capturing the ID of pickers as they complete picks, greatly improving productivity by eliminating efficiency-robbing zones. A key feature of the Pick-MAX system provides a hands free interface that does not require pickers to push a button to complete a pick.

This point and pick capability is provided by the Pick-MAX system’s patented Watch-Me™ device. This is an identification unit worn on the wrist like a watch.

The lightweight, accurate and easy to use Watch-Me device identifies each picker to the Pick-MAX modules during a pick or put. This device provides picker accountability for every pick in the system and eliminates the need for time-consuming picker logon and logoff functions.

The rechargeable Watch-Me requires no zone balancing or order profiling and eliminates bottlenecks. This unit also interfaces with the IPTI statistics software package.

The Pick-MAX system is supplied turnkey with a mature suite of software tools that provide easy picking operation management.

IPTI continually develops innovative pick to light products and systems for material handling operations world-wide. The company first introduced the Snap-In BUS concept; going on to engineer products that meet a number of customer needs while creating software customized to their businesses. IPTI products utilize open architecture and are therefore the choice of integrators across the country.


• Product sizes from 1.5” W x 1” L x .25" H to 12” W x 12” L x 3" H • Up to 1,200 orders per hour depending on order profile • Order accuracy nearly 100% • Each pick is confirmed via integrated sensors • Integrated low stock and out of stock sensors with indicator beacon • Greatly reduced labor requirement over other picking methods • Modular design satisfies any size system and can be expanded easily • Simple actuator provides durability and low cost • Plug-n-Play dispensers can be replaced in seconds • Adjustable dispense speed allows soft handling of delicate items • Stack heights to 6 feet depending on product configuration • RFID eliminates complicated centralized controls
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