New Technology for Compressed Air Systems


SKF recently introduced the SFD (Separator Filter Dryer) Dryer System to its full line of specialty aftermarket products, designed to enhance the performance of compressed air systems. The SFD Dryer System meets the demands of several industries that utilize compressed air, including automotive refinishing/collision repair, cement/construction, and various “point of use” manufacturing applications, including SKF’s own plants.

The SFD features a regenerative desiccant dryer system designed to remove oil, contaminates and water from compressed air systems. Each unit contains internal oil separators engineered to extend the unit’s service intervals and reduce operating costs by protecting downstream pneumatic components. Additionally, the unit’s compact and integrated design allows for easy installation and maintenance, and requires no additional expensive external filters for successful operation.

“With the introduction of the SFD, SKF has the ability to offer a product solution to various markets – from automotive and construction to printing presses and medical equipment,” says Tom Mahoney, Program Manager/SFD, SKF. “The technology incorporated into the SFD provides manufacturers, distributors and end users with a clear technical edge over any other specialty air dryer product in the market.”

Engineered with two desiccant cartridges, the SFD Dryer channels air flow through one cartridge while the other regenerates, typically using less than 10% whereas most other air dryers consume up to 20%. Installation is easy, requiring two connections – an inlet and outlet port – along with simply plugging the unit into a 110 volt electrical outlet.

SKF Air Dryer technology has been proven effective within harsh environments in other markets for many years. The SFD Dryer System technologies – designed to prevent corrosion, contamination or water ingression – ultimately reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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