New Thomson-Deltran AKB Series Brakes Provide Safe, Economical Static Holding in the Absence of Power


Introducing the Thomson-Deltran AKB series spring-set electromagnetic power-off brakes. The AKB series is available in diameters from 1.83 to 5.00 in. (46.5 to 127.0 mm) and provides static engagement with torque from 12.5 lb-in to 470 lb-in (1.4 to 53 Nm). These brakes are simple to install and provide a safe, cost-effective and energy efficient braking solution in applications such as robotics, medical equipment, actuators, motor brakes, postal handling equipment and packaging.

"Our AKB series brakes offer a built-in quiet feature along with the highest torque per unit size all at a low-cost which creates a multifunctional alternative well suited for use in a wide range of applications," says John Pieri, Thomson-Deltran Business Unit Manager for Clutches and Brakes.

The principle of operation for spring-set electromagnetic power-off brakes is simple. While the field assembly is fixed and prevented from rotating, the rotor assembly is secured to the shaft. In the absence of power the fixed and rotating components are engaged, thus stopping and/or holding the load. When the coil is energized, rotating components are disengaged, allowing the shaft to rotate freely.

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