New Ultra Compact High Performance PLC


New Providence, NJ – Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America (formerly known as Aromat Corporation) introduces a new addition to the FPS ultra-compact Programmable Logic Controller series with more advance features to support more complex controls. The FPS V3 PLC is compact in size (W30 x H90 x D60 mm / W1.181 x H3.543x D2.362 inch), but equipped with RISC base processor operating at 0.32µsec/basic instruction. Some of the features that results are super fast floating point calculation, built-in two axis of motion with linear/circular interpolation (expandable to 10 axes), easy PID instruction that supports up to 24 loops, 4 channels of built-in high speed counters, etc. The FPS can support up to 3 serial ports configurable for Modbus RTU, PLC to PLC networking, MEWTOCOL, and General Purpose (custom communication protocol). The FPS V3 has a programming capacity of 32k steps, and supports up to 384 I/O point. Ideal programmable logic controllers for applications which requires highly accurate temperature control, high-speed and high-precision motion control, etc.

About Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America
Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America is a US subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd, an $11 billion company and major developer, manufacturer and provider of electrical construction, materials, home appliances, residential building materials, automation control products, wiring devices and electronic materials. Automation Control Systems Division of Panasonic Electric Works carries Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Servo/AC Drives, Sensors (SUNX brand), Laser Markers (SUNX brand), Temperature Controllers, Limit Switches, Timers, Counters, Hour Meters and Magnetic Contactors for North, Central and South America.


* 100 program steps: 0.2 msec or less * Even 1000 program steps: 0.5 msec or less * FP0R can serve well as a high performance sensor controller in combination with a SUNX fiber sensor
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