New Ultra-Low-Frequency Vibration Isolation Workstation


Kinetic Systems introduces a versatile new ultra-low-natural-frequency vibration isolation workstation. Designated the MK26, the workstation utilizes the Minus K® stiff spring and negative-stiffness mechanism to achieve a low net vertical stiffness without affecting the static load supporting capability. Horizontal isolation is provided by beam columns connected in series with the vertical-motion isolator. Adjusted to a ½ Hz natural frequency, the workstation achieves 93% isolation efficiency at 2 Hz, 99% at 5 Hz, and 99.7% at 10 Hz.

The MK26 can be configured for a wide variety of locations where disturbances due to external vibrations can adversely affect the operation of sensitive equipment. Customization options include guard rails, padded armrests, overhead equipment shelves, monitor stands, non-isolated shelves for supporting equipment off the tabletop, oversized keyboard shelves, retractable casters, Faraday Cages to protect sensitive operations from electromagnetic interference, tabletop enclosures to protect against harsh manufacturing environments, and electrical accessories such as outlet strips for lighting.

The MK26 is available with up to 650 pounds (295Kg) gross load capacity. It is Class 100 cleanroom compatible, with Class 10 available as an option. Tabletops can be ordered in two sizes (30” x 36” and 36” x 48”) and either in lightweight “honeycomb” or composite construction.

Ultra-low natural frequencies, high internal structural frequencies, and excellent vertical and horizontal isolation efficiencies are properties very useful for applications such as analytical balances, cell injection, confocal microscopes, patch clamping, optical microscopes, wafer probing, sensor calibration, and atomic force microscopes in fields such as semiconductor processing, telecommunications, aerospace engineering, and medical research.


* New Ergonomic Design * Ultra-Low Natural Frequencies * Vibradamped Frame * Customizable Accessories * No Air Supply Needed - Easy to Use * Choice of Tabletops * Ergonomic Styling * Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible * Class 10 Available
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