New, Unique Low-Cost, Highly Reliable Level Control is Specifically Designed for OEM Applications


Southampton, PA – Princo Instruments has designed and developed the first low-cost OEM two-wire RF level transmitter that makes high performance, highly reliable level monitoring affordable for a wide range of OEM applications.
The Model L2632 OEM NULL-KOTETM transmitter has been specifically designed to be cost effective for OEM applications. The no-moving-part, all electronic unit is ideal for use in machinery and equipment such as beverage bottling machines, car washing systems, vending machines, automatic filling stations, material handling equipment, dispensers, packaging machines, and much more. The unit can be customized to measure virtually any type material, from low dielectric (insulating) products, such as refined oils, to conductive slurries. The unit is reliable and accurate even with viscous materials that cling to the sensor and that usually negatively affect the accuracy of other level controls. A custom low cost sensing probe can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the application with lengths as short as four inches to as long as 200 feet.

The output of the Model L2632 is a standard 4-20 mA dc signal that is directly proportional to the level of the material being measured, making it simple to interface with machine control circuits and systems. The advanced NULL-KOTE™ circuitry provides accurate readings even when conductive materials build up on the sensing probe. Superior temperature stability (±0.015% per 1°F), accuracy (±0.5% typical), repeatability (±0.1%), a wide temperature operating range (-30 to +150°F; -34 to 66°C), noise immunity, and conformal-coated circuit boards ensure accurate, reliable level measurement. The unit is easy to install and can be provided with a variety of mounting means for fast, simple installation. Power requirement is 24Vdc typical; 48Vdc maximum.

The unit features the same; design principles, technology, components, and attention to detail that have made Princo reliability the gold standard in industrial process controls. In OEM quantities, the unit cost is around $200, making the L2632 more cost-effective than alternatives that do not provide the same degree of accuracy and reliability. In millions of installations, spanning more than 85 years, PRINCO process instruments have provided accurate, dependable, long-lived service for all types of applications and industries.


• Type • NULL-KOTE™, OEM RF Impedance sensing two-wire, • level to current transmitter. • Span Range • From 20 pF to 50,000 pF • Custom sensing probe will be designed specifically for • your application. Sensor lengths available from as short • as 4 inches to as long as 200 feet, application depen- • dent. • Power Requirements • 24 Vdc typical • 48 Vdc maximum • Output Signal • 4 to 20 mA dc • Linearity/Accuracy • ±0.5% typical • Repeatability • ±0.1% • Operating Temperature Range • -30 to 150°F (-34 to 66°C) • Temperature Stability • ±0.015% per 1°F
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