PIAB, a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, announces the VGS™3040 vacuum gripper system.  The VGS™ series of products allows users to increase productivity and lower operating costs. The units offer flexible material handling solutions that reduce energy consumption, have faster response times and improve reliability.Ideal for a variety of industries, the VGS™3040 is ideal for applications throughout the production line like high-speed pick-and-place, packaging, palletizing, fixture holding, woodworking handling, glass handling & automobile part and body assembly.
Each system utilizes an integrated COAX® cartridge, designed to position vacuum power precisely where it’s needed, making maximum use of energy and increasing speed by eliminating line losses and inefficiencies. Vacuum flow levels are dependent on the size of the cartridge integrated in the system.  Vacuum power levels are determined by the type of cartridge used, as there are three types to fit most applications.
The VGS™ series can be utilized in each step of the manufacturing process to improve efficiency. With advantages such as excellent pick-up and system speed, energy efficiency, high degree of safety, easy dimensioning and reduced risk for leakage, the VGS™3040 offers even more benefits.  The combination Vacustat & AQR 02 (atmospheric quick release) can save up to 99% air consumption in a non-porous application.  An integrated blow-off check valve makes it possible to get a very reliable positive pressure blow-off system, even in large decentralized vacuum systems.  The AQR 02 is the world’s fastest automatic quick release function for a decentralized vacuum ejector pump.  Fast release is quite important as quick vacuum response is needed in high speed applications.


• Feed pressure, max - 101.5 psi • Noise level* - 65-74dBA • Temperature range – 14-176 °F • Weight , range - 7.20-9.31oz
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