New Wahl Breaker WB140


Asheville, NC – Wahl Instruments, Inc. announces their New Wahl Breaker WB140 designed to warn of possible component failure or overheat of circuit breakers, motors and electrical equipment due to overheat conditions. Wahl Breaker provides a visual indication of when a breaker, etc. requires attention. The Wahl Breaker continuously monitors 24/7 with no interruption due to power failure or battery exhaustion.

The Wahl Breaker is an easy to install, self adhesive, temperature recording label with a silver gray indicator that turns permanently and irreversible black in less than one second with +/- 1% accuracy, traceable to NIST. The Wahl Breaker provides a permanent record of overheating. Thus, the Wahl Breaker is an invaluable tool in every company’s Predictive and Preventive maintenance programs.

Simply apply the self-adhesive indicator to a clean dry surface on each breaker or other piece of equipment. Peel backing material from Wahl Breaker and press adhesive side firmly to smooth out all air bubbles beneath Wahl Breaker. Rated temperature has been reached when an indicator turns irreversible black. Wahl Breaker is intended to warn of possible component failure.

Each package contains 30 temperature sensitive labels and one inspection log to record every formal visit to inspect labels for color changes. Wahl Breakers are manufactured in the USA by Wahl Instruments, Inc.
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