New Weighing Base Offers Tough Washdown Capabilities


METTLER TOLEDO announces the rugged PBA430 platform for high-performance weighing in the toughest washdown environments. This revolutionary platform has been designed specifically for use in the food processing and chemical industries and any other industry where resistance to high humidity, high pressure washdown, and corrosive agents are essential. The PBA430 base incorporates a hermetically sealed load cell (IP68 & IP69k-10,000kPa, 95°C) for optimum performance and protection in harsh environments. The stainless steel construction of the load cell also offers protection against cleaning agents and corrosive agents frequently found in food preparation and industrial environments. The six-wire load cell allows trimming of the cable without affecting temperature compensation. The PBA430 has up to six overload stops and incorporates special carbon-infused o-ring to support the platter. These special rubbers help with shock absorption of horizontal and vertical impacts along with electrostatic discharge. Features such as the tubular design, open-frame construction and e-polish (AISI304-surface roughness <0,8•m) allow for easy cleaning and full drainage. The PBA430 is engineered and certified to National Sanitation Foundation (NSF, 3-A sanitary standards, European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG, and GMP guidelines – optimal for use in sensitive areas of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The product line includes 3 square platform sizes. Eight weighing ranges are offered from 3kg up to 600kg, resolution is 2x3000e multi range. And for non-certified applications, the PBA430 can display up to 30,000d. Communication with the terminal is made via analog or a digital (IDNet) scale interface. Options include IDNet interface and an AISI316 (surface roughness <0,8•m ) platter. The PBA430 weighing platforms are suitable for use both in safe and hazardous areas of category Class 1 Div. 1&2. The PBA430 raises the bar on hygienic design. Not only is it designed to hygienic standards it is certified with hard copy documents published by NSF, EHEDG and a GMP certificate issued by a third party organization.


* Maximum Capacity 300 kg / 600 kg * Readability 20 g * Readability Approved 100 g / 200 g * Size 600 x 800 mm * Readability approved Multi Range * Scale material 1.4301 / AISI304 * Load plate material 1.4301 / AISI304 ground * Height 130 mm * Degree of protection analog: IP68/69k IDNet: IP67 * Hazardous area approval category 3G/D * Suitable indicators IND690, IND690xx, IND560, IND4x9, IND4x5,...
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