New Workplace Electrical Safety Tester


The electrical safety testing experts at Seaward Group USA have introduced a new entry-level workplace electrical equipment safety tester that combines the functionality of a tool and appliance tester with an extension cord tester and power receptacle checker in a single instrument.

The new Primetest 100 is a battery powered hand held tester designed for the fast and effective safety checking of all types of tools and portable electrical equipment used in the workplace.

By verifying the electrical safety of electrical products, equipment and appliances the Primetest 100 helps employers meet their OSHA obligations. OSHA 1910.334(a) indicates any damaged portable cord or plug connected equipment may not be used by an employee until repairs and tests necessary to render the equipment safe have been made.
In meeting these requirements, the unit has been designed for those looking for a cost effective, easy to use comprehensive tester for electrical safety testing and servicing applications. The versatile tester also carries out cord polarity tests and checks that power sockets are wired correctly.

Universal graphics on the case of the instrument guides the user through the three test modes available and a single push button operation establishes the appropriate sequences for the selected tests. Tests are carried out against pre-set pass/fail limits and a large LCD gives a clear pass or fail indication, as well as test values.

Supporting PDA-based software is also available that enables test results from the new Primetest 100 to be recorded fast and accurately, for subsequent transfer to a PC stored database or other record keeping system.

The Primetest 100 forms part of a comprehensive range of electrical safety testing instrumentation and equipment provided by Seaward.


• Ground Bond 10A AC, 0.5W trip • Hipot(Flash) Test 1.5kV AC Class I & 3kV AC Class II • Insulation Resistance 500V DC, 2MW trip • Load/Run Test 120V/230V AC, 15A • Continuity Yes
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