NewAir I.B.™ 600 SystemCreates Inflatable Cushioning On-Demand


The speed and versatility of Sealed Air’s NewAir I.B.™ 600 inflatable packaging system makes it ideal for high-volume, high-throughput packaging operations. The new system reduces material handling and storage space while providing an on-demand solution for cushioning, and blocking and bracing applications. Creating up to 40 square feet of material per minute, the NewAir I.B.™ 600 system automatically inflates and dispenses a 3/4-inch height, patented Barrier Bubble® cushioning material. The inflated material provides superior protection and maintains its cushioning properties throughout the shipping cycle. For example, the Barrier Bubble® material retains more than 95 percent of its original thickness* and absorbs 60 percent more of the transmitted shock after three drops from 30 inches than lofted paper packaging. The all-electric, easy-to-use NewAir I.B.™ 600 system can be coupled with several options that fit seamlessly into any packaging line, including the Instasheeter™ conversion system and the Roll Winder attachment. Ideal for on-line applications, the Instasheeter™ conversion system automatically cuts pre-determined lengths of material, or the operator can control the flow of material with a foot pedal. The Instasheeter™ conversion system can run up to 80 feet per minute allowing operators to easily keep up with package production requirements. The Roll Winder is an attachment used for batching applications, and makes up to a 54-inch diameter roll of cushioning material in minutes. The rolls of cushioning-material can be distributed to individual workstations throughout the packaging operation. Measuring 41 1/2-inches wide, 36-inches length and 72-inches high, this space-efficient system offers a cost-saving solution for a wide range of high-volume packagers including book publishers, parts distributors and online-distribution centers.

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