Newly Designed VSD Compressor


Quincy Compressor Inc., an EnPro Industries (NYSE: NPO) company, today announced the release of its newly designed variable speed drive compressor into North America. The QGV, available from 50-200 horsepower, is a variable speed drive (vsd) compressor which can function as a base load machine, providing fully rated capacity, or a trim machine. As a trim machine, the QGV only supplies the air required by the system while maintaining the target pressure within +/- 2psi. The QGV can supply as little as 15% of full load capacity, providing substantial energy savings over start/stop or modulating compressors. Other features include: Sound levels as low as 68 dBA Full-color touch screen control (50-100 hp) Real-time monitoring with performance trending Environmentally friendly by improving efficiency Conserves energy over non-vsd compressors Easy maintenance Reliable operation Royal Blue Warranty – Best in the Industry: 10-year airend, 5 years on major components
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