A compact new electronic strike—the Southco® E-Keeper—offers the ability to add convenient, affordable electronic access security to a wide variety of enclosure applications. Its ability to accept electronic signals from a variety of sources—including RF key fobs, numeric keypads, mag-stripe card readers, biometric scanners, networked security systems, even battery-powered remote access systems—gives users maximum flexibility for integrating the specific level of secure access control they require. The novel design of the Southco® E-Keeper incorporates the electronic access action within the keeper instead of the latch, and provides a convenient transition from mechanical to electronic access without complex software or a major technical and financial commitment. Simple design and operation make it easy to fit into both new and existing installations with a variety of mechanical door latches. This enables OEM's to offer the versatility of secure electronic or manual operation without having to modify the enclosure design. As the E-Keeper unit is energized, the latch bolt momentarily retracts into the housing, enabling the door to be opened without manual latch actuation. And when the movable latch bolt encounters the cam or pawl of the latch on a closing door, the sloped face on that latch bolt causes it to retract into the body of the unit. Once the latchpoint passes the end of that latch bolt, the latch bolt snaps back into its extended position where it firmly engages the latch cam or pawl. This free-sliding action adds push-to-close convenience to any latch installation. When matched with a manually operated latch, the Southco® E-Keeper offers the flexibility of using either the electronic signal or the manual latch mechanism to disengage the door. Using a keylocking mechanical latch also provides a secure manual over-ride in the event of a power failure. In enclosures with a secondary option for secure access, the keeper can mate directly with a fixed tab or slot on the door, eliminating the need for a visible latch on the door front. This results in a cleaner look to the enclosure and removes any visible point of attack for vandalism. Another advantage of the Southco® E-Keeper design is that the compact unit installs on the frame of the enclosure, so all wiring can be routed and protected within the enclosure. This eliminates difficulties of running wires to a door-mounted latch, and avoids problems of wear and potential wire failures caused by repeated opening and closing of the door. Wiring harnesses can be included with the E-Keeper units. Available in multiple sizes and formats, the E-Keeper can be aligned in 90-degree increments; 90- degrees, 180-degrees, or 270-degrees in relation to the door or doorframe. This enables the electronic unit to be mounted in the optimum position along the edge of the doorframe. A side-mount version is compatible with low-height panels, and an optional orientation kit is also available for easy field configuration. All E-Keeper models are rated to withstand a static load of 100 pounds and an electrical operating load of 25 pounds.


• 12VDC 200 mA input • 12VDC output generated when latch bolt is in retracted position (450mA load)
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