Next Generation Infrared Cameras


FLIR Systems, Inc. (pronounced “flear”), the global leader in infrared cameras for over 40 years, has announced the launch of its new “middle market” T-Series infrared cameras. The new T-series delivers razor-sharp thermal images, thanks to 76,800 pixels and FLIR’s exclusive Advanced Signal Processing (ASP), delivering four times the resolution of a 160 x 120 infrared camera. The new T-series also boasts a simultaneous 1.3 mega pixel visual camera, exceptional one-hand control ergonomics, an 8-hour “full work day” battery life, and isothermic thermal fusion – a significant improvement to any existing fusion technologies. One-touch automatic or manual focus, 8x continuous zoom, high thermal sensitivity, 5 temperature spots, sophisticated Delta T functionality, user-directed audible/visible alarming, Voice and Touch Screen controls provide end-users with the ultimate in sophistication, ease-of-use and affordability. Numerous “close-to-the-customer” features will resonate with end-users across industries, such as the built-in and exclusive Ambient Temperature Control system that automatically adjusts for extreme work zones, whether working on a hot or cold day, or standing in front of a blast furnace or inside a walk-in freezer. Rugged yet lightweight – at under 2lbs – the tilt-able optic block also helps to reduce back and arm strain. With 8 hours of battery use, a car/truck charger and interchangeable standard, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses, end-users now have access to a level of technology, convenience and ease-of-use unprecedented at this price point. A new "B-series" line will be introduced with even more features -- like built-in insulation and moisture alarms -- for home inspectors, energy auditors, roofing, HVAC and other building professionals. “FLIR has spent the time to research key end-user requirements, while investing heavily in basic research and manufacturing robotics,” says David Francoeur, Director of Marketing. “That’s a fact customers will see when they ultimately view the features, benefits and cost of this new T-series thermal imager. We all want a great deal – this one’s beyond compare.” FLIR’s Reporter™ software is the perfect companion to the new T-series and is itself an innovation: the only thermal analysis and reporting software that is Microsoft Word-compatible, producing “live” reports that are easy to edit, email-friendly and, importantly, end-users can take full advantage of existing Microsoft functions, such as Spell Check, Grammar, and Auto-Correct: again, built to suite the work habits of end-users across industries and across the globe
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