Next Generation of SDN Power Supplies


Sola/Hevi-Duty, a leading supplier of industrial power quality solutions, today introduced ultra-compact SDN-C power supplies in 5 Amp and 10 Amp, 24 VDC output sizes. Essential industrial features such as sag immunity, power factor correction, PowerBoost™ overload capability, and universal voltage input (85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz) are built-in, along with a wide temperature operating range and parallel operation capability to make the units suitable for industrial/machine control, process control, material handling and other demanding applications. Sola/Hevi-Duty’s signature high efficiency design means SDN-C units reduce excess heat in the panel, as well as generate energy savings. In addition, the units have a new intuitive visual diagnostics system, utilizing bright LEDs, that clearly shows input and output status to help ensure easy troubleshooting and reduce downtime. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) has also been increased by reducing part count and by the strategic use of high-quality components. Designed to save space on the DIN rail, the 5A output model SDN 5-24-100C is 23% smaller than the previous generation of Sola/Hevi-Duty power supply. Its dimensions are 4.88" x 1.97" x 4.55" (H x W x D). At 4.88" x 2.37" x 4.55" (H x W x D), the 10A SDN 10-24-100C unit is 27% smaller than the previous generation. In fact, the new 10A unit fits into the space required by the previous generation 5A model. The units come equipped with standard screw terminal connections and a metal outer case that efficiently dissipates heat, and delivers full power from -10 to +60°C. Prices start at $263 list for the 5A and $383 list for the 10A model with shipping to begin in December. Both are backed by a five year limited warranty.


• Nominal Voltage - 115/230 Vac • AC Range - 85 - 264 Vac • DC Range1 - 90 - 375 Vdc • Frequency - 43-67 Hz, 400 Hz • Nominal Voltage 24V (22.5-28.5 Vdc Adj.) • Tolerance - < ±2 % overall (combination Line, load, time and temperature related changes) • Initial Voltage Setting - 24.5V ± 1%
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