Next Generation PriorityPak® System Streamlines and Simplifies Automated Packaging Operations


The next generation of PriorityPak® automated packaging systems from Sealed Air has arrived. The enhanced version of the extremely functional PriorityPak® system includes a number of new features that can increase customer productivity throughout the packaging process.

Like the original PriorityPak® automated packaging system, the second-generation system
performs a number of tasks including scanning bar codes, weighing items, packaging products to be shipped and applying shipping labels. The system’s automation of these tasks allows customers to run an efficient packaging operation and increase throughput.

“The new PriorityPak® system was developed to provide additional benefits to our customers,”
said Jeff Zahansky, business manager of automated packaging solutions for Sealed Air Corporation. “We’ve taken everything that worked well with the original system and upgraded it to a more efficient and robust system that can perform an even broader range of tasks.”

The upgraded system includes an increased height capacity for packaging taller items, a new
steel frame that reduces shifting and belt speed control that allows the system to change speeds based on the type of products being packaged. Improved product sensing capability centers the product in the package, creates the smallest package dimensions possible, minimizes packaging waste and reduces costs per pack. Customers can also benefit from the system’s efficient footprint. The level of automation the PriorityPak® system offers can be customized for the customer’s needs. Automation options range from a manual system where shipping labels are manually applied before the automated packaging process begins, to a completely automated packaging and labeling system. The system’s 100 percent pack sequence verification feature ensures that the correct label is always on the correct item.

Precision and Accuracy Eliminate Waste, Reduce Costs
The smart-sensing technology on the PriorityPak® system scans an item’s dimensions to deliver
the precise amount of Cold Seal® cohesive-coated material from two supply rolls to the system. As the two webs of material surround the item, the Cold Seal® material adheres to itself, creating a sealed edge adjacent to the item which minimizes shifting and increases product protection. The result is a compact, custom package that reduces postage costs compared to packaging with corrugated cartons and void-fill materials. The materials available that are compatible with the PriorityPak® system include PriorityWrap® Film/Paper Laminate, PriorityWrap® Bubble Laminate and PriorityWrap® Rigid Board.

The enhanced PriorityPak® system enables the operator to scan the barcode from the product or
pack slip. When placed on the belt, against the product detection gate, the item is aligned similar to a lugged in-feed conveyor but without occupying extra space or incurring added cost. The item is then automatically weighed and postage is calculated. Before the system forms the package, it prints and applies the shipping label to the top web of the material while in a flat state – ensuring the label will not fall off, as opposed to traditional methods, where the label is applied after the pack is made. With an accurate label, the packaging process is completed by the system, and the package is ready for shipment.

PriorityWrap® Film/Paper Laminate is used for lightweight, non-fragile items, such as clothing.
PriorityWrap® Bubble Laminate is ideal for lightweight items requiring surface protection and
cushioning such as cell phones, CD-ROMs, cosmetics, DVDs and pharmaceuticals. PriorityWrap® Rigid Board is best used to package items requiring corner, edge and surface protection including books, calendars and photographs.

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