Next-Generation Riveters Feature Light Weight


Alcoa Fastening Systems introduces the next-generation of Marson-brand air/hydraulic riveters with the MP-3V and MP-4V.  These lightweight, professional-series air/hydraulic riveters are engineered to maximize stroke and pull force with a 3-jaw set.  Both tools are supplied with nosepieces to set rivets in all alloys, and come complete with adjustment service wrenches, hydraulic fluid, fluid applicator, spare jaws, and a removable swivel air connection line with an off/on valve built in.  

The MP-3V provides a 3/4” stroke and 1,800 lbs. of pulling force.  Capacity is 3/32” – 3/16” for all alloys.  The heavy duty MP-4V provides a 1” stroke and 3,420 lbs. of pulling force.  Capacity is 5/32” – 1/4” for all alloys.    

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