Nicholson Announces Universal Mount Steam Trap Systems


The Nicholson UMT Series universal mount steam traps are available in thermostatic and thermodynamic technologies and are in-line repairable. Our USBT Series universal mount, inverted bucket steam traps are available in both in-line repairable and sealed configurations. Our universal mount steam traps are available in sizes 3/8” to 1”, for pressures to 650 PSIG, temperatures to 600°F and are ideal for steam tracing, drip legs, steam lines, cooking and laundry equipment, unit heaters, oil preheaters and process equipment applications. Pairing with our universal mount steam traps is Nicholson’s “Big Block” steam trap test station. The Big Block test station combines isolation valves, test ports, a strainer and a blowdown valve on a two-bolt, universal swivel mount connection block. The “Big Block” is compactly designed for ease of installation and maintenance, available in both left and right hand configurations, operates at pressures up to 1440 PSIG and temperatures to 750°F and is available in sizes 1/2” and 3/4” with NPT or socketweld connections.
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