NILOS®-Ring “Type LSTO” Steel-Disk Seals Protect Bearings From Contaminants


NILOS®-Ring “Type LSTO” steel-disk seals can provide superior protection for grease-lubricated bearings exposed to extreme levels of contamination. Applications for these specialized bearing seals include lubrication and fluid power equipment; construction, mining, paper, and agriculture machinery; and conveyor rollers, among others.

Type LSTO steel-disk seals satisfy key performance requirements by minimizing bearing friction losses and heat build-up and preventing lubricant leakage and penetration of dirt.

The non-contact, grease-filled labyrinth sealing elements consist of laminated steel-seal disks and steel cores. The seals resist axial pressure and will not slip when clamped in the axial direction of both the inner and outer periphery of a roller-bearing ring.

Type LSTO steel-disk seals are available for use with a wide range of shaft and casing diameters and are provided ready-to-install for quick and easy mounting.

They can further be customized to meet application-specific requirements.

(NILOS® is a registered trademark of Ziller GmbH and Co. KG and SKF® is a registered trademark of SKF USA Inc.)
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