NKK’s New Tactile Switches Enhance Human Interface Displays


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz – NKK Switches, which has the broadest illuminated switch product portfolio in the world, announces the JL series of ultra-thin, full-face illuminated tactile switches. This incredibly aesthetic switch is distinctive in appearance and functionality.The JL series is ideal for design engineers looking to enhance a human interface display. Not a typical tact style switch, the JL is 22mm square and sports a black housing to frame an actuator 19mm square. The actuator is made of polycarbonate, situated over multiple LED arrays and interior reflectors that deliver and increase the brilliant illumination. Design engineers can specify LEDS in red, green or amber. Actuators are available in white, red, amber and green. The uniquely large surface of the actuator lends the JL series easily to legending. Legend instructions are offered to facilitate the design and specifications of customer’s unique styles of legends. The JL series extra low profile measures at 7.85mm from the PCB to the top of the switch. The PC terminals are crimped to provide a spring type action that ensures very secure mounting and prevents dislodging during the soldering process. The switch’s spacing is .100” X .100” and conforms to standard grids. In addition, the streamlined housing dimensions allow for compact, side-by-side mounting on the grid. Whether using a common bus or X-Y matrix, the JL series adds a new dimension to the style of the panel.JL switches are robust devices featuring a short stroke and high reliability. These SPST momentary switches have a dome contact mechanism engineered to give crisp tactile and audible feedback. JL switches are guaranteed with 1,000,000 electrical and mechanical operations minimum. The JL series is rated at 50mA @ 24V DC. The housing and case are constructed of glass fiber reinforced polyamide and the terminals are brass with silver plating. THE JL series can be specified in a RoHS compliant version by adding an “-RO” to the end of the part number when ordering.A leading designer and producer of electromechanical switches, NKK Switches offers one of the industry’s most extensive selections of illuminated, process sealed, miniature, specialty and surface mount switches. The company manufactures more than four million toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, rotary and DIP rotary, keypad and keylock switches. NKK Switches maintains a complete network of qualified representatives and distributors through the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.NKK Switches is keenly aware of the myriad of issues that are covered under the RoHS directive. With more than 50 years of experience in the switch industry and as an environmentally-conscious company, NKK is committed to not only providing high quality products and services, but also providing environmentally safe products for its valued customers. NKK continues to lead the industry in responding to the needs of the marketplace with innovation, high reliability and a commitment to excellence.
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