No-VOC Ceramic Coating Protects Commercial Facilities Better than Paint


Commercial maintenance managers trying to cost-effectively protect the function and longevity of their facilities while reducing government-regulated VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) now have a new tool superior to paint.  After licensing and developing a material originally researched by the government to shield radiation, EonCoat, LLC introduces EonCoat™, a new type of commercial, inorganic ceramic coating that provides fire, abrasion, chemical, temperature, and corrosion resistant protection in a single coat for rapid return to service without VOCs, HAPs, or odor.   Unlike paint which depends on VOCs to keep its chemical components in suspension until it’s ready for use, EonCoat ceramic coating contains no VOCs, HAPs, formaldehyde or any solvent other than water, and is suitable for metal, concrete, wood, and other common substrates.  While paint “off gasses” VOCs—that “new paint smell” everyone is familiar with—EonCoat’s two primary components are kept separate until combined in a typically sized but unique plural spray gun.  With no VOC/HAP-emission or odor, this enables fast, controlled application even in heavily occupied areas.   In contrast to typical paint polymer coatings which sit on top of the substrate, EonCoat corrosion resistant coating bonds through a chemical reaction with the substrate, and slight surface oxidation actually improves the reaction.  This makes it virtually impossible for corrosion promoters like oxygen and humidity to get behind the coating the way they can with ordinary paints.  The corrosion resistant coating is covered by a true ceramic shell, which resists fire, water, abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, and temperatures up to 1,000 °F.   EonCoat ceramic coating, in fact, has a flame spread rating of zero, which means that flame can be directly exposed to its coated surface and it will not catch fire unless enough heat is generated to make the substrate behind the coating self-ignite.    One coat application and minimal prep for the protective ceramic coating give facility maintenance managers significant upfront savings, since labor is cut in half and labor is typically about 70% of the cost of painting.  Unlike paint, which usually requires a primer coat and two topcoats with at least 8 hours drying time between each, the ceramic coating’s natural corrosion protection eliminates the need for a primer coat.  Because it dries within seconds of exiting the spray nozzle, high build coatings in one coat are possible.  This accelerates facility maintenance return to service.


  • single-coat application
  • no solvents other than water
  • suitable for metal, concrete, wood, and other common substrates
  • resists fire, abrasion, chemical, temperature, and corrosion
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