Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor


BEI Duncan Electronics, a company of Custom Sensors and Technologies (CST), has introduced the 9950 Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor.  The 9950 Sensor incorporates all the proven performance characteristics of the company’s dual Hall effect sensors, including the superior durability of non-contacting technology and excellent EMI capabilities, into a single analog output, lower-cost and more compact package. The result is a rugged, completely sealed device with a life expectancy of up to 35 million cycles that provides an ideal solution for the harsh environments found in industrial, agriculture and off-highway applications.
In addition to the superior reliability provided by non-contacting technology, the 9950 features a number of other design elements that combine to provide an extremely durable package capable of withstanding the most demanding applications.  The unit’s integrated Hall effect chip is enclosed in a liquid tight, fully sealed plastic package that meets protection seal class IP67.  A large bearing surface provides robust operation for added strength and long service life, and a new insert molded feature in the mount ears incorporate stainless steel sleeving that prevents damage from fasteners used in mounting.
Outstanding performance characteristics include an electrical angle of up to 120°, ±2.0% standard linearity, and an high operating temperature range of -40 to +125°C (-40 to 257°F), with an extended temperature range of up to 125°C (257°F) available optionally.   Accuracy is ±3.0% of full scale at room temperature and ±4.0% of full scale over operating temperature range. The rugged device can withstand 10Gs vibration, 20-2,000 Hz; 50Gs shock, and half sine pulse of 5msec duration.  Integral connector mates to industry standard Packard Electric METRI-Pack 150.2 series for easy plug-in installation.
Measuring only 50 X 37.5 X 34.1 mm, the new design significantly reduces the number of discrete electronic components over previous models, providing a streamlined, compact package to meet the increasingly small envelope size requirements for space-critical installations.  
 “By leveraging the extensive development success of our dual Hall sensor into the design of the new 9950 single output Hall effect, we have achieved the same level of durability and EMI protection capabilities in a simpler, lower cost device – an ideal solution for applications that don’t require the redundancies and expense of dual sensing technology,” explains John Pindroh, BEI Duncan Sales Manager.
The 9950 Sensor complements and expands the company’s existing line of non-contacting sensors, which includes NCAPS, Hall Effect and potentiometric position solutions.  Pricing is from $21.00 each in production quantities with delivery in 8 weeks for standard products.


• Mechanical Travel - -90° to +90° • Frequency response – 1,000Hz minimum • Rotational torque – 0.025-0.110N-m • Weight – 35grams
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