Non-Penetrating Skylight Protection


CageGuard is a new, freestanding system for guarding skylights and temporary roof openings. Installation doesn't require drilling holes in the roof or the skylight frame, so there's no chance of damaging the roof membrane or the skylight itself. The patent pending design takes less than an hour to install and features modular construction, which cuts shipping costs and makes transporting to the job site easy.

CageGuard is OSHA compliant and has a 114 mph wind-uplift rating. Slip-on plates can increase wind rating to 185 mph, far exceeding category 5 hurricane winds. For the ultimate uplift protection, 200+ mph , install with 108 lb. cast iron bases. All mounting options are non-penetrating.

Legs are easily adjusted to accommodate almost any skylight height, providing a neat, low profile appearance. A safety-yellow, powder coat finish is standard. A variety of colors and galvanized finish are also available.

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