NoTrax® Adds First Ever “True” Anti-Fatigue Matting for Use with Sorbents


Superior Manufacturing Group (SMG) introduces Sorb Stance™ and Eco Stance™, the first anti-fatigue mats designed specifically for combined use with a sorbent pad in environments where pooling liquids create potential safety hazards. Traditionally, sorbent pads are placed either directly on the floor, or in a tray designed to hold them in place. Neither of these methods offers much in the way of anti-fatigue relief and in extremely wet applications provides little or no slip resistance. Sorb Stance’s™ anti-fatigue properties are the result of a raised footing system on the underside of the mat that provides cushioning comfort and aeration. A recessed top surface acts like a tray to lock in liquids and molded pins on the mat’s surface grip the sorbent pad, holding it securely in place. Sorb Stance™ is a heavy duty mat that can be used in a single workstation environment, or custom-configured for use in multiple work areas and varying shapes using incremental cut lines on the underside of the mat and a molded connector system. Molded beveled borders provide easy access on to and off the mat. Sorb Stance™ is designed to accommodate a standard 30” wide sorbent pad, and is available in several stock sizes. Intended to satisfy more economical requirements and budgets, Eco Stance™ is a light-weight, single work station mat, available in a 3’ x 5’ stock size. Eco Stance™ offers the same recessed top surface and beveled borders as Sorb Stance™, and has a molded bubble pattern on the mat’s surface providing added comfort and support. Pins molded onto the surface of the bubble pattern hold a standard 30” wide sorbent pad in place. Because both Sorb Stance™ and Eco Stance™ are made from a 100% Nitrile rubber compound, they are extremely resistant to chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases commonly found where sorbent pads are used.


• Overall Thickness – 3/4” • Stock Sizes – 3’x5’
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