NSO-0 Rotary Master Switch features the same rugged design components and versatility as the NSO series of Joysticks.

The NSO-0 provides directional, precise proportional speed and step control of AC/DC drives and Electro-hydraulic Valves. Applications include In-plant Process Control, Mining Vehicles, Conveyor and Lift Systems.

» Rugged construction:
Brass Bearings and Square Steel Operating Shaft.
» Mechanical life:
10 million cycles with Friction Brake.
» Design flexibility:
Combination of custom programmable contacts, detents, spring return, potentiometers and electronics.
» Precise step control:
Up to 7-0-7.

Handle options
Pistol grip, teardrop and chrome steel ball lever.


  NSO-O Mechanical data
 Life 10 million cycles
 Temperature range -25 to +70 degrees C.
 Detented positions Up to 7-0-7 steps.
 NEMA 4x Non-ferrous materials and NEMA 4 gasketing available for marine applications.
  NSO-O Electrical data
 Contacts 10 double pole "snap in" blocks and up to 20 circuits furnished standard (consult factory if additional circuits are required).
 Rating AC AC continuous 16 amps @ 240 volts.
 Terminals M3.5 x 0.5 machine screw with saddle clamp.
 Maximum wire size 12 AWG
 Certifications CSA file number: 15040
UL Recognized file number: