--- NTE Electronics, Inc. has added the Techspray® chemical line to their impressive list of master distributed product lines. Techspray is one of the world's largest producers of chemical cleaners, anti-static solutions, desoldering braid, solder mask and board repair equipment. Techspray formulates, blends and packages a wide variety of chemicals and associated support products for the electronics industry- both industrial and consumer. The change to lead-free and the higher temperatures required has brought on new challenges in the industry. Techspray branded products have been proven to work incredibly well in the lead-free soldering process. Techspray Flux Removers are extremely effective at removing fluxes baked on at high temperatures. The powerful spray and strong solvent easily removes residue and cleans under components without brushing. Cleaning with Techspray Flux Remover (G3 or Ecoline) saves on labor expense, solvent usage, and on consumables (brushes, swabs and wipes) Techspray No-Clean Desoldering Braid removes solder quickly without leaving any harmful residues. Coated with proprietary flux, it only leaves a slight clear residue that does not cause any service issues. This makes cleaning after usage strictly optional. Techspray’s temporary solder mask product, Wondermask®, is designed to apply smoothly, dry quickly, withstand high temperatures, and then be removed easily. Peelable masks and washable masks are offered. As a Techspray master distributor, NTE will stock the entire line in-depth which consists of: • Dusters/Freeze Spray • Cleaners & Degreasers • Contact Cleaners • Flux Removers • Static Control Products • Desoldering Braid • Brushes, Swabs & Wipes • Board Repair Pens and Adhesive • Solder Fault Marker • Temporary Solder Masks and much more NTE will also offer a cross reference for all Techspray products.
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