obart® brand P-PAK


To ensure long-term, reliable welding performance of its mild steel stick electrodes, Hobart Brothers offers its exclusive Hobart® brand P-PAK. Designed to block moisture that can lead to stick electrode damage, the P-PAK is a sturdy, re-sealable plastic package available with 3/32, 1/8 or 5/32 diameter electrodes. “Hobart Brothers designed the P-PAK so welders can weld with complete confidence job after job,” explains Mike Crawford, stick electrode product manager, Hobart Brothers. “The re-sealable package keeps moisture out longer than cardboard packages, so welders are assured their stick electrodes are well protected and will always perform to the highest standards. Quality Protection, Quality Performance Hobart Brothers offers 5- or 10-lb. P-PAKs for five AWS classificationns of stick electrodes: AWS 6010 (Hobart Pipemaster 60); AWS 6011 (Hobart 335A); AWS 6013 (Hobart 447A) and AWS 7014 (Hobart 14A), along with two options for AWS 7018 stick electrodes (Hobart 18AC and 418H4R). In addition to protecting the stick electrodes from unwanted moisture for greater welding performance, the P-PAK is also easily transportable around any jobsite and can be re-used to protect other stick electrodes that welders may have on hand. Each P-PAK features valuable information on its label, including polarity and amperage ranges, to help welders determine the best parameters for achieving optimum welding performance with their chosen stick electrode. Important safety information is also included on each P-PAK label.
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