of RFID SmartTrak label printer-applicator


Weber Marking Systems has announced the release of its Model 5300rfid, the newest generation of RFID SmartTrak label printer-applicator designed to easily print, encode, verify and apply pressure-sensitive RFID labels to cartons and pallet loads in one preset operation.

The system helps meet the emerging RFID labeling requirements of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club and companies that wish to streamline the tracking of products through their manufacturing and distribution systems.

Weber’s Model 5300rfid offers a selection of print engines that utilize thermal-transfer technology to produce SmartTrak labels with text, bar codes and graphics at 203 or 300 dpi. Additionally, the unit comes with enhanced RFID processes for throughput up to 12 ips and is upgraded with the latest protocols.

As labels are printed, digital information is instantly encoded on thin, ultra-high frequency (UHF) inlays that are embedded in the SmartTrak label material. That encoded information is immediately verified by the system, which then applies the SmartTrak label to the top or side of a carton or pallet load as it moves down the production line. If a SmartTrak label cannot be validated, a “void” is printed on it and is rejected and retrieved before it is applied. Labels up to 4.5 inches wide and 6 inches long can be dispensed and applied using the non-contact, tamp-blow method.

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