Off-Line Switching Regulators


Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announces a new family of off-line switching regulators targeted at the consumer and industrial markets. Allegro’s new STR-W6250D series is composed of current-mode PWM ICs that incorporate both controller chips made by a high-voltage proprietary BCD process and avalanche-guaranteed MOSFETs. These elements allow power supply system designs that are highly reliable and simple, with fewer peripheral components. These ICs also provide auto-burst mode operation, lowering input power requirements at light loads, and improving efficiency over the entire load range and universal input range.
The STR-W6250D series is a higher-output version of our STR-A6200D series, including more functional integrations, such as: frequency jittering for EMI noise reduction, bias-assist, externally activated shutdown protection, slope compensation for continuous mode operation, and AC input-independent OCP to minimize the deliverable output power dependency on the AC input.   These features reduce the external component count and save space, cost, and design time while improving system-level reliability.
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