Offers New Microwave Pulse Switch


Hawk Measurement Systems, a leading global provider of level and flow measurement technology, offers the new Microwave Pulse Switch, a comprehensive Sender-Receiver Remote or Integral System that enables point level switching for presence or absence of most solid and liquid materials. Comlpliant with OSHA and FCC regulations, this rugged device is an environmentally and personally safe alternative to nucleonic switches.

Offering low-cost installation and cabling as well as switch-fail relay, the Microwave Pulse yields accurate and comprehensive results. Other key features include water-tight, dust-tight and chemically resistant NEMA 4X enclosures, no required site-licensing.

The Microwave Pulse Switch is ideal for applications in which microwave energy is absorbed by the monitored material, including replacement of traditional contact switching devices used in mining, sand and gravel quarries, cement plants, pulp paper, plastic, rubber, coal-fired power plants, steel mills, aluminum smelters, food, pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing fields. It is used for a variety of applications, such as flow/no flow, plugged chute detection, low and high level measurement, product-on-conveyor detection, rail/truck load-out position detection, anti-collision crane detection, blocked feeder pipes, water bottom detection and replacement of tilt switches. The Microwave Pulse Switch is a high power unit with 300ft maximum and maximum flexibility for down to 8-inch minimum.)

The Remote Microwave Pulse System is comprised of three units: a sender unit, a receiver units and an amplifier unit. The Integral System is comprised of two units: the send and the receiver units. The Sender-Receiver units are mounted facing each other and are mounted securely and correctly aligned.
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