Offers unique Pneumatic Material Handling solutions


Providing customers with modular solutions for common handling processes is the central idea of the new Easy-2-Combine automation system. Add-in the Rexroth NCT (Non-Contact Transfer unit) for handling items not easily managed by vacuum cups, and you have some unique productivity solutions.

Rexroth handling solutions include the Easy-2-Combine, a solution for multi-axis automation tasks with individual components that can be combined in simple, time-saving assembly steps via standardized interfaces. Centering elements are used for interlocking mounting and connections for sensors and the air supply are provided at several positions throughout the system, making complicated and expensive connection kits unnecessary. Rexroth has Easy-2-Combine components that can perform linear movements, pneumatically driven rotation movements, as well as gripper functions. Many components feature easily adjusted end position settings, thus drastically reducing final commissioning time.

Another unique solution from Rexroth is the NCT (Non-Contact Transfer unit), a unique picking device that operates by the Bernoulli principle, which applies airflow under the device to create a vacuum and lift force between the center and the circumference. Because of the dynamic vacuum and continuous flow, the lifted object does not attach to the NCT surface, thus enabling the handling of delicate items. Other application examples include handling electronic circuit boards and other objects with perforations, objects with rough surfaces, or soft objects such as paper and plastic bags. The NCT series is available in four sizes and a variety of designs accommodating lift capacities up to 0.9 kg (approx. 2 lbs.) each. Multiple NCTs and be used together for lifting larger weights.

Bosch Rexroth AG, part of the Bosch Group, achieved sales of approximately $5.7 billion (4.6 billion Euro) in 2005 with over 28,200 employees. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company offers all drive and control technologies, from mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics to electronics and associated service. Over 500,000 customers worldwide utilize Rexroth’s unique technological know-how to implement their innovative and future-oriented systems and machine concepts. The global player, represented in over 80 countries, is an extensive supplier of components and systems for industrial and factory automation and mobile applications.
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