Oil & Gas Field Assembly Solutions Guide


Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite and Bonderite Oil & Gas Field Assembly Solutions Guide, a new 37-page brochure designed to provide equipment manufacturers and maintenance professionals with information about the wide range of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings for the oil and gas industry. Divided into sections by field application and product technologies, this literature reviews demanding and severe challenges found in upstream drilling and production, midstream transportation and downstream refining, and defines the chemical solutions available to the industry. The brochure discusses 10 chemical technologies: threadlockers; threadsealants; gasketing materials; retaining compounds; adhesives for general bonding; potting compounds and encapsulants; wear coatings; grouts, anti-seize lubricants; and cleaning, metal pretreatment and functional coatings. The guide also examines in detail specific industry applications and the chemical technologies used there. Examined applications include those found on a typical field operation landscape. 

Special application pages feature callouts dedicated to pumps, gearboxes, electric motors and centrifuges. A special section is dedicated to Henkel equipment solutions including dispensing equipment, robotic dispensers and motion control systems. Loctite and Bonderite branded products and technologies referenced inthe brochure are listed in an easy-to-use index.