Oil Distributing System


Hydracision distributes oil to many separate points – as few as 12 and as many as hundreds.  It combines efficient hydraulic movement of fluid with the precision of positive displacement injection.  Hydracision supplies the user with options but doesn’t require extensive calculations, complex components, or pages of schematics to operate.  Hydracision is a reliable method for dispensing oil onto printing presses, injection molding, packaging machinery, punching presses, assembly systems, canning operations, conveyors, manufacturing processes, and machine tools.  Like many products in the Oil-Rite line, Hydracision promotes an environmentally sensitive approach to lubrication.  It provides frequent, small doses of lubricant rather than large applications of oil at infrequent intervals.  This allows the oil to reach critical areas when needed with little or no run-off or waste.  Less oil is utilized and the machinery benefits from more consistent lubrication. 

The unit is self-contained and requires an electrical connection (120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, or 24VDC).  An electric gear pump creates the hydraulic power to distribute fluid.  Positive displacement injectors operate under the pressure generated by the central housing.  Injectors deliver lubricant when the pressure peaks.   The injectors reset as the pressure is relieved during a timed cycle.  The user specifies lubrication intervals using the programmable logic device (PLC).  The Hydracision package consists of a clear polycarbonate fluid reservoir in a standard 2 liter size.  It is also available in larger size reservoirs with steel construction.  The reservoir housing contains the gear pump, motor, PLC, and low level sensor.  Injectors connect directly to the main supply line or can be installed at remote locations with a tee connection and additional tubing.  Injectors are available with dispensing volumes of .20 ml, .14 ml, and .08 ml.  

Each injector functions independently of the others.  Disrupted output at any one lubrication point has no effect on the other injectors.  There is no need to regulate pressure in relation to orifice, because the injectors utilize positive displacement.  Hydracision has demonstrated consistent and reliable dispensing in over 10 million test cycles.


  • distributes oil to many separate points
  • provides frequent, small doses of lubricant
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