Oil Eater(R) Introduces Line Of Absorbent Pads


Oil Eater(r) Absorbent Pads, new from Oil Eater(r) Cleaner/Degreaser, are designed to provide a safer and cleaner workplace. The family of products includes Oil Only Pads and Rolls, Universal Pads and Rolls, Industrial Rugs, Absorbent Socks and Drum Top Pads. All are available in a variety of weights and finishes.

Universal Pads and Rolls are gray and soak up oil, water, solvents and coolants. They are made from specially treated MBPP making them ideal for general worksplace use. Applications include production lines, industrial floors, loading docks and paint shop floors.

Oil Only products are white in color and ideal for industrial sump pumps. Made from untreated MBPP, they soak up oil yet repel water.

Industrial Rags are designed for high-traffic areas such as forklift aisles, walkways and oil pits. Drum Top Pads catch drips from drum pumps, while Absorbent Socks control larger spills and protect drains.

Product sizes range from 15-inches x 18-inches to 30-inches by 150-foot rolls. Weights include light, medium and heavy.
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