Oil Less Threading Machine


The new lightweight RIDGID® Model 1210 oil-less threading machine for 1/2 inch to 1 inch diameter pipe allows clean, high-quality threads at the installation site without making a mess.
    By combining RIDGID Oil Less Gold® Dies and a specially formulated RIDGID coolant, the Model 1210 threads without oil and produces clean, virtually dry threads ready for immediate installation. This clean operation allows threading right at the installation site, including in finished rooms, basements and on rooftops. Working in conjunction with the coolant, the RIDGID Oil Less Gold Dies combine special geometry and a titanium nitride coating to produce superior quality threads. The oil less coolant is also formulated to provide longer die life.
    Designed to self prime instantly, a small amount of coolant automatically drips from a built-in reservoir onto the pipe during threading. Unlike typical threading where oil can splash off the pipe during operation, the Model 1210 applies a small amount of coolant that evaporates while lubricating and cooling the thread. Because the coolant evaporates, the potential for spillage that typically exists when transporting oil-based machines is virtually eliminated, as well as other incidental oil stains.  
    Weighing only 59 pounds and equipped with two integrated carrying handles, the portable Model 1210 can easily be carried by one person to the installation site. Once there, machine set-up is fast because all the tools needed for cutting, reaming and threading are built-in. The threading machine’s compact design allows it to fit easily in service trucks and job boxes.
    “The Model 1210 oil less threading machine is simple to operate, saves time by eliminating trips from the installation site to remote equipment, and allows contractors to finish the job more quickly and cleanly than other alternatives,” says Rick Barone, director of marketing, pipe tools, RIDGID.  “The Model 1210 is the only one of its kind on the market.”


• Pipe Capacity: 1/2" – 1" (12-25mm). • Motor: 1/2 HP, 115V universal 50/60 Hz. • Motor Control: Heavy-Duty Toggle ON/OFF with integral Foot Switch. • Spindle Speed: 25 RPM right hand operation. • Chuck: Hammer-type with replaceable inserts; cam action rear chuck. • Coolant System: Through-the-head with integral coolant reservoir; self-priming gerotor pump; 20 oz. reservoir capacity. • Cutter: Model 354. • Reamer: Model 334.
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