OMEGA portable measuring arm


he OMEGA system is mega-packaged for 3D scanning applications such as reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and non-contact inspection.  A complete package includes the OMEGA articulating arm, the R-Scan line laser scanning probe, and PC-DMIS Reshaper software. This entry-level, yet full featured solution is priced at $56,000 (model 2025/9 foot size), and is offered in three additional sizes: 2018 (6 foot, 2030 (10 foot) and 2036 (12 foot). The seven-axis arm is comprised of advanced carbon fiber and aluminum construction, which translates into a very lightweight shop floor metrology device.
 The OMEGA series presents a new series of 3D portable arms that are fast, intuitive and promote measurement without constraints. Optimized for reverse engineering, the R-Scan non-contact laser scanner offers patented infinite rotation for scanning hard to reach areas. The OMEGA system also features large capacity inspection, repeatability, automatic color recognition, and real-time display of point clouds and point data.
 Included in the package is PC-DMIS Reshaper software, a comprehensive 3D point-cloud processing program for users who need to handle rapidly generated point clouds and obtain high-quality 3D meshes.  The software collects measurement data “live” from the arm, and rapidly creates and edits 3D polygon mesh models, which can be exported in a variety of formats, to either bring into a CAD program for further processing or STL files to print to a rapid protoyping printer.  ROMER rounds out the offering with a "technology plus peace of mind" program, which warrantees the complete system (arm + probe + software).
 “The OMEGA arm is tailor made for the engineer or designer who wants a contemporary solution for the age-old problem of quickly acquiring accurate surface data from the most complex forms," states Jeff Freeman, ROMER Product Line Manager. "In the past, reverse engineering systems have either been very expensive, hard to use, or lacked a well-rounded toolset of both hardware and software to get the job done. OMEGA is our cost-effective answer to this market need. We are confident that OMEGA's advanced features and ease of use will render efficiencies for a very broad range of reverse engineering and quality control applications."
 ROMER portable arms play a vital role in verifying part quality to keep production in high gear. ROMER Portable CMMs are utilized in over 100 industries including automotive, aerospace, ship/ boat building, military, off-highway vehicles, tube bending, furniture, machine shops, stamping plants, die shops and more.
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