One-Piece Helical Flexible Couplings


SANTA MARIA, CA–The HELI-CAL® Flexure is a power transmission component made from single homogeneous high strength material. The helical coil configuration design eliminates the need for elastomeric elements like rubber bushings, spiders, rubber discs, pads, bolts and nuts, etc.

The HELI-CAL Flexure is designed to perform with greater misalignment, higher speed, transmitting high torque constant velocity, no wear and tear and zero backlash due to no-moving parts, no lubrication, dynamic stability and vibration-free smooth-bearing loads even at misaligned position, thus enhancing one piece integrity. It is corrosion and maintenance free, and has unlimited life.

It finds the application in medical instrumentation encoders, techno-generators, lead screws, ball screws, air cooling units, pumps, machine tools, CNC machines, aerospace, aircraft, duplicators, stepping motors, feedback devices, medical conveyor systems, computer peripherals, wind power generators and many other applications. Helical flexible couplings are suitable for capacity from a fractional HP to 950 HP at speed 3600 RPM and above, and shaft size from 2mm to 40mm and above.
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