Operator Armchair System


J.R. Merritt’s new FSRHDG is a heavy-duty, fully adjustable operator armchair system ideal for machine and industrial cabin applications including pulpits and simulators, as well as cab-operated equipment such as cranes, mining dredges and shovels. The armchair’s versatile design makes it highly customizable, easy to use, cost-effective and less bulky than other models. 

The FSRHDG houses mill duty master switches and joysticks, with a full line of output devices including potentiometer, transformer, encoder and CAN Bus. Developed to accommodate operators of different statures in a variety of cabin configurations, the FSRHDG armchair system has multi-adjustable armrests and footrests. Also included is an orthopedic-designed Koenig Komfort Seat with adjustable upper back and neck support, adjustable dual lumbar side-bolsters and baffles for increased air flow. A mechanical 4-step suspension employs a fully hydraulic and spring dampened system with “Dial-in” weight compensation and incremental height adjustment.  

The FSRHDG offers a 270˚ rotating base, as well as independent seat slide and console slide systems. Available options include black leather upholstery, U-cut seat, pneumatic suspension and more.


  • highly customizable
  • 270˚ rotating base
  • independent seat slide