Optical Absolute Encoders


Designed to meet the strict standards of the food and beverage processing industry, new GE404 optical absolute encoders from Baumer deliver precise positioning data and easily withstand aggressive cleaning processes. 

With housings made of class 1.4404 or 1.4435 V4A stainless steel, GE404 encoders feature robust Viton seals that provide long-term resistance to chemical agents and high temperatures. Leak-proof and IP67 compliant, these encoders will resist harsh washdowns with aggressive cleaning agents over their entire service life, helping to ensure excellent hygiene levels and reduced cleaning time. The encoder's robust ShaftLock bearing minimizes machine downtime by enduring vibration and high shaft loads that occur during processing and cleaning.

The optical sensing principle of GE404 encoders allows high, 14 bit single-turn and 12 bit multi-turn resolutions, delivering precise positioning at velocities up to 10,000 rpm. Optional incremental tracks deliver additional speed control. The encoder is available in many configurations and field bus interfaces including SSI. Functions such as electronic setting of zero point, counting direction input and diagnostics simplify encoder installation and maintenance.


  • deliver precise positioning data
  • robust Viton seals
  • ShaftLock bearing minimizes machine downtime
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