Optically Clear Epoxy has High Temperature and Humidity Resistance


Master Bond Inc has introduced a transparent, highly versatile epoxy for general purpose bonding, casting, coating and potting called EP30HT. It is truly a superior performer; combining extraordinary physical strength, excellent resistance to elevated temperatures and humidity and outstanding chemical resistance properties with a superb optical clarity of over 97% spectral transmittance. The service temperature range is exceptionally wide, starting at -50°C and reaching to over 205°C (-60°F to more than 400°F). EP30HT has a moderate viscosity and is well suited for potting and casting especially recommended where medium viscosity is required for ease of application. The bonded assemblies exhibit superior dimensional stability and shrinkage after cure is an exceptionally low - 0.0003 inches/in. Master Bond Polymer Adhesive EP30HT produces high strength, rigid bonds which are remarkably resistant to chemicals including water, oil and most organic solvents. Adhesion to both similar and dissimilar materials including metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubbers and many plastics is excellent, with shear bond strengths over 3200 psi being attained. The hardened adhesive is a superb electrical insulator with a volume resistivity greater than 1015 ohm-cm, a dielectric strength of 440 volts/mil and a dielectric constant of 3.46 at 1 MHz. Easily applied by brushing or dipping, EP30HT is especially recommended as a conformal coating of electronic components, for bonding fibers to connectors and for glass fiber potting. It can be used by the micro-electronic, electrical, optical, fiber optic, medical, photonic and chemical industries. EP30HT also Conforms Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, FDA Chapter 1, Section 175.105 & 175.300 for food applications. It is available in premixed bi-packs and cartridge/gun packaging for convenient dispensing as well as in pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon container kits.

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